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Why Malta?

Located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Malta and Gozo have a culture that has been influenced by various inhabitants over the centuries, making it a collection of islands seeped in history and culture.

Mediterranean Living

This sun-soaked country boasts nine months of excellent weather and sunshine a year, leaving plenty of time for its residents to make use of the crystal-clear seas that it's surrounded by. As a bi-lingual country, its official languages are Maltese and English - almost all the locals speak both. Malta also forms part of both the EU and Schengen Zone.

Why Malta? - Oyster Real Estate


It is thus very easily accessible with daily flights to all major European and North African destinations. The islands boast many attractive attributes including record-low crime rates, exceptional private and national healthcare services, reasonable living costs and an extremely consistent property market. It is therefore no surprise that Malta has become a cosmopolitan European hub, with an increasing numbers of foreigners choosing the islands as their home.

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