Tips for Malta Property Tenants

As the occupant of your new home you are responsible for maintaining the property in the condition it was found by you. It is very important to report any maintenance issues or water leaks immediately to avoid damages. Revert to your lease agreement to abide by your responsibilities. Generally tenants will be expected to pay for small maintenance issues and owners will be expected to take care of the larger issues of drains, large appliances etc.


Read your meters when you first move in and sign off the property contents against the inventory – do take the time to check the property carefully with the owner and make clear any items for attention or wear and tear so that any expense do not fall on you at a later date.

Agree how you will meet your rent and utility payment responsibilities and do take care to meet these responsibilities. As your lease term comes to its end, if you wish to extend you will usually be given the first refusal.

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