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First Time Malta Property Buyers' Guide!

First Time Buyers


Getting started with the procedure of buying your first property in Malta can be quite an intimidating step to make. Your first purchase is the most important one you will make in your life, so it’s important that it's the right one.

With the right guidance and a simple step-by-step process, we will enable  you to ensure this chapter of your life is an exciting achievement rather than an exhausting task. At Oyster Real Estate, we will do just that, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth journey towards finding your perfect property.

Malta Property for First-Time Buyers

Simple steps to begin climbing the property ladder:
  • Get your finances in check:Contact your bank manager to work out what your exact budget is and approximately what home loan you can acquire (if required).
  • Start the search: Browse our website to get an idea of what you are looking for - what property types are currently available on the market and which areas and localities suit you best. Knowing what you want is half of the work done.
  • Discuss with professionals: Contact a realty agency to personally discuss everything that you desire in your new home. A professional agent has the necessary experience and know-how to help handpick properties that they think best suit you and your preferences.
  • Enjoy the viewings: Go out on the road with our agents and start viewing properties in Malta. This can be a fun experience. As you window shop, we would recommend being open to viewing what agents suggest due to their experience. ‘On paper’ you may want to dismiss something but you may actually fall in love with a place once you physically visit it – you never know.
  • Place your offer: Once you have identified your perfect place, the next step would be to meet with your bank contact (if a home loan is required). It is also important that you involve your notary to subsequently place an offer. Your agent will also assist and guide you at this stage of the process.
  • Leave it to us: Once you are comfortable and convinced about your choice, just leave it in our hands to negotiate the best deal for you and to go through the contractual processes involved.
  • Enjoy the next phase of your life: With everything done and dusted all the details taken care of and, simply relax and enjoy your new home. 

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